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Youth Athlete S&C Coaching

Children are not mini-adults. At Maloney Performance, we understand how growth and maturation influence not just the training process, but the holistic development of youth athletes.

Our goal is to nurture your child’s relationship with health and performance. We help them learn about how best to prepare for a long, healthy and successful future, whatever that may hold for them.

Specialist populations require specialist coaches with specialist knowledge. That’s what we provide.

Ideally Suited To:

  • Children from ages 8-18

  • All levels of sporting/activity background

What You Get:

  • Individual S&C sessions

  • Long term athletic development plan

  • Regular maturation and growth rate assessments

  • Comprehensive screening and testing

  • Anything else we decide is needed!

Cost: £35-£55/session (dependent on age and training frequency)

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