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S&C Coaching

Maloney Performance provides programmes, assessments and sessions designed to your individual needs and specific goals, whatever they may be.

Maloney Performance has worked with athletes from all levels, ages and backgrounds. We pride ourselves in the results we achieve with every single athlete we work with.

Ideally Suited To:

  • Athletes from any sporting background

  • Anyone SERIOUS about their training

What You Get:

  • 1-4 one-on-one training sessions per week

  • Individualised training plan to meet you specific goals

  • Comprehensive screening and testing package

  • Additional ‘homework’ sessions (where desired)

  • Corrective exercise plan (where appropriate)

  • Series of additional materials to help empower you with the knowledge to take control

  • Anything else we decide will work for YOU!

Cost: £50-£75/session (dependent on training frequency)

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