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4 Weeks

“It’s not strength training if you’re not getting stronger”

The power lifts are comprised of the squat, bench press and deadlift. These lifts (or their variations) form the foundation of every good strength and conditioning programme. This course will fine tune your technique in not only the competition variations of the lifts, but most of the commonly used derivatives too.

Ideally Suited To:

  • Beginner/intermediate gym-goers

  • Those thinking about competing in powerlifting

  • Athletes/crossfitters looking to improve their lifting

What You Get:

  • Once per week practical sessions in a small group environment

  • Video analysis to help evaluate your technique

  • An individualised corrective exercise plan (if appropriate) to help develop appropriate strength and flexibility to perform the lifts

  • ‘Homework’ routines to develop your lifting

  • Subsequent programmes to incorporate the power lifts into your training (for athletes)

  • Tips for coaching the lifts (for coaches & PT’s)

Days & Times: TBC

Restart Date: TBC

Cost: TBC

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