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Sprint Training

6 Weeks

Sprinters are at the top of the Olympic pecking order for a reason; few athletes can rival their sheer, unadulterated power and lean, muscular physiques.

Whether you’re looking to get fast for your sport or just turn your body into a fat burning machine, sprint training is unquestionably the way to go.

Ideally Suited To:

  • Athletes (from all sports)

  • S&C coaches and personal trainers

  • Crossfitters and enthusiastic gym-goers

What You Get:

  • Once per weekly sprint training sessions

  • A strength and conditioning plan to help bulletproof your body and increase your sprinting potential

  • An individualised corrective exercise plan (if appropriate) to help facilitate proper technique

  • Video analysis of acceleration and top speed sprint mechanics

  • A series of course education packs to help you learn more about the craft of sprinting

  • Subsequent programmes to incorporate sprint training into your current regimes

Days & Times: TBC

Restart Date: TBC

Cost: TBC

Sprint Training: About
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