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A Review of Physical Preparation 1.01

As I’ve said once before, I very seldom do product reviews or affiliate links but when I do you can rest assured that it’s a good one! Mike Robertson’s Physical Preparation 1.01 is only the second product to get the … Continue reading

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How do you choose which physical qualities or skills to prioritise within a training programme? The traditional approach would be to start building on the weaknesses, after all, you’re only ever as strong as you weakest link. But is this … Continue reading

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10 Mistakes I’ve Made As An S&C Coach (Part Two)

Missed the first part of my 10 mistakes series? You’d better catch up here then! Today we’re moving through 5 more of the mistakes I’ve made so far during my S&C career. Assume the coach knows how important we are … Continue reading

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10 Mistakes I’ve Made As An S&C Coach (Part One)

“Experience is simply the name we give our mistakes” Oscar Wilde Mistakes are a valuable tool in all walks of life – that’s because it’s far easier to learn from your mistakes than it is to learn from your successes. … Continue reading

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A Summary of the 2012 Middlesex Strength & Conditioning Conference

The weekend of the 3rd March saw Middlesex University host their third annual Student Strength and Conditioning Conference. The conference is a great opportunity for young practitioners get together and learn from some of the leading experts in the field. … Continue reading

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