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Why Lifting Weights Makes You MORE Flexible!

So, my friends at Sweat Studios asked me to recently asked me to dispel some of the myths surrounding weight training and flexibility. If you’re in and about the Milton Keynes area, then I’d recommend checking out the hottest (quite … Continue reading

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Foley Coaching

If you were expecting a post about Mick ‘Mankind’ Foley, then I’m sorry to disappoint. Likewise, any Bernard Foley fans will feel a little let down too… The Foley artist Foley artists are the unsung heroes of cinematography. These individuals … Continue reading

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S&C… Fifty Shades of Grey

Ok, admittedly it’s a title designed to draw in a little extra search engine traffic on the back of a certain film. Still, there is a deeper meaning behind the moniker though… Why, as an industry, must we always see … Continue reading

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10 Mistakes I’ve Made As An S&C Coach (Part Two)

Missed the first part of my 10 mistakes series? You’d better catch up here then! Today we’re moving through 5 more of the mistakes I’ve made so far during my S&C career. Assume the coach knows how important we are … Continue reading

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10 Mistakes I’ve Made As An S&C Coach (Part One)

“Experience is simply the name we give our mistakes” Oscar Wilde Mistakes are a valuable tool in all walks of life – that’s because it’s far easier to learn from your mistakes than it is to learn from your successes. … Continue reading

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