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Why Lifting Weights Makes You MORE Flexible!

So, my friends at Sweat Studios asked me to recently asked me to dispel some of the myths surrounding weight training and flexibility. If you’re in and about the Milton Keynes area, then I’d recommend checking out the hottest (quite … Continue reading

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The Best Way To Stretch

I’ve experimented with lots of different methods for achieving acute and chronic increases in range of motion (ROM). On balance, the most productive method with the most widespread benefits also happens to be the easiest. So, ‘what is it?’ I … Continue reading

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Static Stretching – Does It Actually Harm Performance?

Is static stretching resigned to join the likes of fixed path resistance machines and wobble boards on the training scrapheap? Over the past months or so there’s been an array of articles deriding the use of static stretching, particularly prior … Continue reading

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