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Plyometrics – Why?

Plyometric training is very misunderstood old beast. Whilst many seek to reap the proposed benefits of plyo’s, few truly understand the mechanics that underpin them. Appreciating the kinetic and kinematic demands of different movements is integral if you’re to maximise … Continue reading

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The Benefits of Training with the Olympic Lifts

Hopefully the first part of this series has given you an idea of why weightlifting could be beneficial to you. Today we’ll go into a bit more detail on this and demonstrate the potential application to different types of trainers. … Continue reading

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Why Weightlifting?

“Weightlifting as a sport could do so much to help all sports understand how to work in a gym” Sir Clive Woodward (Source: Twitter) Olympic Weightlifting is undoubtedly one of the most jaw-dropping spectacles of the Olympic Games; anyone who … Continue reading

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Static Stretching – Does It Actually Harm Performance?

Is static stretching resigned to join the likes of fixed path resistance machines and wobble boards on the training scrapheap? Over the past months or so there’s been an array of articles deriding the use of static stretching, particularly prior … Continue reading

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