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Do You Know What The FMS Actually Is?

The Functional Movement Screen (FMS) has, for some god-known reason, become a contentious topic in strength and conditioning. This week, social media has been full of comments in a relation to a master’s thesis published in 2014 that reported higher … Continue reading

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Break Them Down To Build Them Up?

The perceived importance of ‘movement quality’ has exploded over the last few years, but how do we judge movement quality? Do we really know what we’re looking at? Movement screening The increasing emphasis on movement quality has led to an … Continue reading

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How and When to Use the Y Balance

In the first part of this post I explained what the Y Balance is and how it should be performed. This follow-up instalment will look at how and when I apply this exercise with some of athletes I coach. Using … Continue reading

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What is the Y Balance?

The Y Balance is a phenomenal exercise. When you look at it, it requires pretty much everything; strength, stability, mobility… and balance of course. This first part of this post will take you through what the exercise is and how … Continue reading

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Why Screening Is Like Valentine’s Day

Now that the dust has settled on another Valentine’s day and we’re all romanced out, let’s bring ourselves back to the reality of daily life. Was yesterday just for show? An annual one-off? It turns out that screening athletes has … Continue reading

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Assessing Hip Internal Rotation

Last time we identified the importance of hip internal rotation (IR), particularly for movements requiring deep hip flexion or whole body rotation. So how do we go about determining whether or not a lack of IR could be limiting either … Continue reading

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