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What Can Breakfast Do?

Last time out I highlighted the research challenging some of the commonly held myths regarding the ‘need’ to eat breakfast. To summarise, the evidence does not suggest: Eating breakfast helps weight loss Eating breakfast speeds up metabolism Skipping breakfast causes … Continue reading

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When Not To Coach (Part Two)

There are some things you have to learn on the job when it comes to coaching, knowing when to correct and when to step back is definitely one of them. In the first part of this double header I introduced … Continue reading

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When Not To Coach (Part One)

Athletes aren’t robots. As it’s highly unlikely that an athlete will be able to perform every movement to the exact coaching model we have in our minds, it’s therefore inevitable that we’ll see flaws and inefficiencies in technique on a … Continue reading

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Research Review – Everything You Need To Know

It’s official, I’m launching my first ever e-product! Research Review is a low-cost subscription service designed to keep you up-to-date with the latest developments in sport, exercise and health science without having to spend hours of your precious time trawling … Continue reading

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H is for… How to Count

  I’m sure we think that counting is one of those skills were have down to a T by the age of 4. Most people would even think of themselves as multilingual in the art of 1, 2, 3. However, … Continue reading

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C is for… Consistency

Consistency is king. If you’re following sound nutrition, training and lifestyle guidance with consistency you’re extremely likely to be a very happy and healthy individual. Sounds simple, right? That’s because it is. Having the self-discipline to do what you know … Continue reading

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A is for… Accountability

  Your body is your responsibility – no one else’s. You are accountable for your own fitness, nutrition and recovery. You can forget fancy programs, macronutrient cycling and contrast showers if you’re not doing the basics consistently; it’s a waste … Continue reading

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