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Plyometrics – Why?

Plyometric training is very misunderstood old beast. Whilst many seek to reap the proposed benefits of plyo’s, few truly understand the mechanics that underpin them. Appreciating the kinetic and kinematic demands of different movements is integral if you’re to maximise … Continue reading

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Measuring Stiffness – The Principles

If you missed my introduction to stiffness post then it’s worthwhile catching up with it by clicking on the link. This post will take this on a step further and will look at the principles of trying to measure and … Continue reading

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Stiffness 1.01

When I began my MPhil/PhD it came with the promise of lots of related blog content. Well, here it begins… Broadly speaking, I’m looking into certain aspects of lower limb stiffness. Hopefully this first piece will serve as a neat … Continue reading

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A Primer On Plyo’s

‘Plyometric’ is probably the most abused training term in existence. Colloquially it seems to be employed to encompass any power exercise, regardless of how it’s performed. This article will recap what Plyo’s actually are and how they work. What is … Continue reading

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Incline Plyometrics – The Best Thing You’ve Never Heard Of?

  Power is king in the sporting world, increase power and performance will normally follow. Plyometrics are one of the well-established techniques utilised to improve power production but now research is looking into idea of performing these exercises on an … Continue reading

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