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Plyometrics – Why?

Plyometric training is very misunderstood old beast. Whilst many seek to reap the proposed benefits of plyo’s, few truly understand the mechanics that underpin them. Appreciating the kinetic and kinematic demands of different movements is integral if you’re to maximise … Continue reading

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Assessing Stiffness in Athletes

In a previous posts I’ve outlined what stiffness is and the key principles of assessing stiffness. This post will look at the some of the considerations for assessing stiffness in athletes. Vertical stiffness – quick and simple To model stiffness … Continue reading

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A Primer On Plyo’s

‘Plyometric’ is probably the most abused training term in existence. Colloquially it seems to be employed to encompass any power exercise, regardless of how it’s performed. This article will recap what Plyo’s actually are and how they work. What is … Continue reading

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