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Why Lifting Weights Makes You MORE Flexible!

So, my friends at Sweat Studios asked me to recently asked me to dispel some of the myths surrounding weight training and flexibility. If you’re in and about the Milton Keynes area, then I’d recommend checking out the hottest (quite … Continue reading

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Plyometrics – Why?

Plyometric training is very misunderstood old beast. Whilst many seek to reap the proposed benefits of plyo’s, few truly understand the mechanics that underpin them. Appreciating the kinetic and kinematic demands of different movements is integral if you’re to maximise … Continue reading

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Tapering for Powerlifting

Tapering is a practice which involves the temporary reduction of training load in an effort to increase the state of preparedness of an athlete. The idea is go into competition with as little fatigue as possible in order give the … Continue reading

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What Can Breakfast Do?

Last time out I highlighted the research challenging some of the commonly held myths regarding the ‘need’ to eat breakfast. To summarise, the evidence does not suggest: Eating breakfast helps weight loss Eating breakfast speeds up metabolism Skipping breakfast causes … Continue reading

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Breakfast is not Paul Daniels…

I love breakfast. Granted, not quite as much as dinner, but it’s in my top two meals of the day. So with that in mind, let’s celebrate National Breakfast Week! Breakfast is not magic… As much as I do love … Continue reading

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A Diet Does Not Have To Be Sustainable

With Christmas now done and dusted, it’s almost time for those inevitable New Year’s weight loss resolutions. Normally the turn of the year will bring with it a host of celebrity endorsed fad diets, but I sense that the waters … Continue reading

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The Scaled Down Strongman Challenge

Watching the annual World’s Strongest Man competition over Christmas and New Year has become a tradition that’s every bit as strong as its competitors. To give you an idea of the kind of events and weights that big boys are … Continue reading

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The Benefits of Training with the Olympic Lifts

Hopefully the first part of this series has given you an idea of why weightlifting could be beneficial to you. Today we’ll go into a bit more detail on this and demonstrate the potential application to different types of trainers. … Continue reading

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Why Weightlifting?

“Weightlifting as a sport could do so much to help all sports understand how to work in a gym” Sir Clive Woodward (Source: Twitter) Olympic Weightlifting is undoubtedly one of the most jaw-dropping spectacles of the Olympic Games; anyone who … Continue reading

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