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Hip External Rotator Mobilisation

In the first part of our HIRD action plan we looked at exercises to strengthen the internal rotator (IR) muscles. Most people will experience some good initial improvements in range of motion (ROM) following these strengthening exercises, however we now … Continue reading

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Hip Internal Rotator Strengthening

So, you’ve found out that you or your athlete has got a hip internal rotation deficit (HIRD). Here’s how to go about putting it right. The HIRD Action Plan Yes, this is oversimplifying things somewhat, but there are two main … Continue reading

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Assessing Hip Internal Rotation

Last time we identified the importance of hip internal rotation (IR), particularly for movements requiring deep hip flexion or whole body rotation. So how do we go about determining whether or not a lack of IR could be limiting either … Continue reading

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The Importance of Internal Rotation

Pretty much everyone has now grasped the importance of hip mobility, but are we going about assessing and addressing it in the right way? A huge amount of emphasis has been placed on the role of restrictions in the hip … Continue reading

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