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The PHC Guidelines – A Critique

The Public Health Collaboration (PHC) is a fantastic idea. Rates of obesity are increasing and it’s clear that something needs to change in order to stem the tide. The problem? This has descended into a political style battle between two … Continue reading

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How Not To Fail – A Note On New Year’s Resolutions

Cue January 1st and the inevitable host of New Year’s resolutions. Number 1 on most people’s list will be to get healthier, fitter and leaner. If it’s on yours then here’s a few home truths you’d be well placed to … Continue reading

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G is for… Get On Up!

James Brown couldn’t make his mind up whether to get on up or get on down – luckily, we can only accept his first answer. Training hard is great but I think that we all underestimate the importance of being … Continue reading

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