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Foley Coaching

If you were expecting a post about Mick ‘Mankind’ Foley, then I’m sorry to disappoint. Likewise, any Bernard Foley fans will feel a little let down too… The Foley artist Foley artists are the unsung heroes of cinematography. These individuals … Continue reading

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S&C… Fifty Shades of Grey

Ok, admittedly it’s a title designed to draw in a little extra search engine traffic on the back of a certain film. Still, there is a deeper meaning behind the moniker though… Why, as an industry, must we always see … Continue reading

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Reflections on 2014

The turn of the year is a natural reflection point, a time to look back at the accomplishments of the past twelve months and plan your attack for the next dozen to come. So, in no particular order, here are … Continue reading

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Learn From Success

‘Unexplained winning is a sin’ This is one of the quotes that most resonates with me. It’s also one of the quotes that has had the biggest influence on my coaching philosophy. We’re all brought up with idea that mistakes … Continue reading

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How do you choose which physical qualities or skills to prioritise within a training programme? The traditional approach would be to start building on the weaknesses, after all, you’re only ever as strong as you weakest link. But is this … Continue reading

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Notes from a Lion…

Yesterday I had the pleasure of attending an in-house session with Phil Pask with the University of Bedfordshire. Phil is world renowned physio who has been working with the England rugby union team for 17 years and travelled on the … Continue reading

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When You Say Nothing At All…

Ronan Keating had a bloody good point, sometimes we need to learn to shut up and let everything else do the talking. Maybe doing just that could make your coaching a lot more effective. Rule 1 – Do my words … Continue reading

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10 Top Tips To Get The Most From A Conference

With the USKCA Conference now only a couple of days away, what better time to give you a list of ten tips to help squeeze the most from your experience at a conference or workshop. 1. Establish clear goals Know … Continue reading

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When Not To Coach (Part Two)

There are some things you have to learn on the job when it comes to coaching, knowing when to correct and when to step back is definitely one of them. In the first part of this double header I introduced … Continue reading

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When Not To Coach (Part One)

Athletes aren’t robots. As it’s highly unlikely that an athlete will be able to perform every movement to the exact coaching model we have in our minds, it’s therefore inevitable that we’ll see flaws and inefficiencies in technique on a … Continue reading

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