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Sean Maloney, MSc., ASCC, CSCS, CES

Sean is a strength and conditioning coach and the founder of Maloney Performance. He is one of less than 300 coaches fully accredited by the UKSCA. Sean specialises in the enhancement of athletic performance, corrective exercise & body transformation.

Although only 23, Sean has already worked with athletes from wide ranges of levels and backgrounds; Olympic and Commonwealth medallists to youngsters still in first school. Sean has the training knowledge and personal skills to deliver results no matter what the client background.

Away from training Sean is also a part-time Strength and Conditioning lecturer and currently working towards a PhD investigating the enhancement of power performance.


  1. Hi Sean,

    Came across you web sight whilst researching the effects of teeth clenching. Very much like your article on CAP etc. I’m currently researching/developing my hypothesis for my MSc S&C dissertation (St Mary’s, London) and am hoping to be looking at VMO activity whilst using a performance mouth piece. I’d be interested to know any additional thoughts you may have on the subject.

    Warm regards


    • Maloney Performance

      Hi Dan,

      Thanks for getting in touch. I think the direction you’re looking to go down is a really good one, I’m wondering whether logistically it would be possible for you to look at additional musculature in terms of processing all the data. Could be a good way to go if it is doable. On a stats point I’d recommend you look at some of Will Hopkins stuff at SportsSci.org if you’re not familiar, I think they’d be helpful in classifying the potential for benefit from the mouthguard as I wouldn’t imagine that you’d get significance. From an explanatory point of view I don’t the topic isn’t really understood, personally I’m not sure if MORA devices should be thought of as true CAP and wonder how similar the physiology actually is. I think the role of fascia has been underplayed as well. OPROpower has a pretty good reference list for MORA’s and all the Ebben work is great for CAP.

      Hope it’s been some help to you Dan, please feel free to get in touch if you feel there’s anything else I can help with.

      Best Wishes,

  2. Hi Sean hope you are well .
    Have you an email address I can contact you at please .
    Read your article on the squat 🙂 brilliantly written
    as I have noticed is the rest of your content .
    Be nice talk to you more do look forward to hearing from you .
    Take care
    Yours in sport
    Mike Pratt

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