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Lots of good feedback for my Twitter abstracts, or ‘Twit-stracts’ as I like to call them, so far. Here’s a short and sweet little post recapping all the Twitter tit-bits I posted back in April. If you’re not following me on Twitter yet, this is what you’re missing out on!


03/04/12 – Cueing a ‘soft’ landing during a single leg depth landing has been found to reduce ACL forces by 11% (Laughlin et al, 2011)

04/04/12 – Prior performance of a ballistic bench pull appears to potentiate power output in the bench press throw (Baker and Newton, 2005)

06/04/12 – In vivo, force output of the gastrocnemius is proportional to the degree of dorsiflexion (Magnaris, 2003)

09/04/12 – Deadlifting in a belt appears to increase rectus abdominis activity whilst reducing external oblique activity (Hales et al, 2009)

12/04/12 – Bilateral deficits in leg stiffness related to incidence of soft tissue injury in Aussie rules players (Pruyn et al, 2012)

15/04/12 – Physical fitness may protect overweight individuals from developing atherogenic lipid profiles (Kosola et al, 2012)

17/04/12 – Cycle training with a low cadence appears to increase performance and TST response more than a high cadence (Paton et al, 2009)

19/04/12 – Overuse injuries are thought to account for around 50% of all injuries in youth sport (Valovich McLeod et al, 2011)

22/04/12 – Bench pressing with a supinated (reverse) grip increases activation of the clavicular (upper) head of the pectoralis major (Lehmann, 2005)

26/04/12 – Changes in aural temperature correlate with circadian fluctuations in measures of lower body force production (Teo et al, 2011)

28/04/12 – Fenugreek supplementation may augment strength gains and improvements in body composition (Poole et al, 2010)

29/04/12 – Running velocity correlates with horizontal, but not vertical, force production (Brughelli et al, 2011)


So, let me know what you think. Are you a fan of the one-liners? Get at least 12 likes on this post and I’ll elaborate on anything you fancy!

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