A Review of the Elite Athletic Development Seminar 3.0

EADS 3.0 FrontThere are very few people and few products I’m happy to affiliate for. Joe Kenn and Mike Robertson’s Elite Athletic Development 3.0 Seminar hits the mark on both counts!

Hopefully, this article will help you work out whether or not it’s a good investment for some of your personal development budget.

Who are they?

Joe ‘Big House’ Kenn and Mike Robertson offer up a collective 40 years in the industry, and they’ve trained athletes of every shape and size, ranging from middle school children to professional athletes.

I first saw House at the UKSCA conference in 2014 – in fact, UKSCA members can check out his presentation here. His ‘Tier System’ and periodisation philosophies have been big influences on my work over the last couple of years. Awards from the NFL, NSCA and CSCA certainly highlight his impressive credentials.

EADS 3.0 BackI’ve followed Mike for longer, about 6-7 years, and have never failed to be impressed by the quality of content he continues to produce. Deep scientific knowledge delivered with an ability to ‘bridge-the-gap’ and help coaches apply this technical information practically. A big influence on my coaching and someone I always look up to.

What is it?

The Elite Athletic Development 3.0 Seminar is a 10 DVD set of the latest Elite Athletic Development Seminar recorded across a two-day live workshop. There’s over 12 hours of content in this resource so plenty for you to sink your teeth into.

Like its predecessor, this is tailored towards trainers or coaches working within industry. The goal of the seminar is to provide you with specific knowledge, techniques and skills that you’ll be able to incorporate into your coaching right away.

What do you get?

Essentially, you’re sitting in on the entire seminar. You watch the lectures and demo’s, hear the questions and responses. All-in-all you get over 12 hours of content to work through in your own time.

EADS 3.0 PackLike any DVD or download, it’s not quite being there in person. However, what you do get is the advantage of saving yourself more than a few hundred pounds and, more importantly, you end up with a resource that you’ll be able to tap into time and time again. If you’re anything like me, you’ll be amazed at how much new information you get from re-watching seminars as you evolve as a coach!

Is this the same as the last one?

Nope. Last year I shared the previous year’s seminar – EADS 2.0. This is a separate entity in itself.

Having seen the previous two years of the EADS seminars is certainly not a prerequisite watching for this one, but it will give you perhaps give you a deeper understanding of the Joe and Mike’s philosophies.

What’s included?

A total of 10 DVDs cover the seminar:

  • EADS 3.0 PackDisc 1 – The R7 Approach to Training (78:51)
  • Disc 2 – The Block Zero Concept (96:04)
  • Disc 3 – Block Zero Practical (102:41)
  • Disc 4 – Single Leg Training (Lecture & Practical) (109:55)
  • Disc 5 – Dissecting the Tier System (Part 1) (51:28)
  • Disc 6 – Dissecting the Tier System (Part 2) (78:20)
  • Disc 7 – Breathing and Core Training (72:28)
  • Disc 8 – Breathing and Core Training Practical (49:27)
  • Disc 9 – Establishing an Identity (Part 1) (63:19)
  • Disc 10 – Establishing an Identity (Part 2) (65:35)

Why is it good?

Here are a few of the things I really liked about the seminar:

Breathing and core training

coreMike Robertson’s lecture and practical on breathing and core training is worth the price of admission alone! Regardless of who you work with, this is content you can be practically applying right away.

Here are some of the concepts you’ll take away:

  • Why position drives mobility
  • Breathing affects more than biomechanics
  • Effective coaching and cueing for breathing
  • How to deal with ‘extended bro’!

Block Zero training

Joe Kenn’s Block Zero is a great way of formalising the entry into S&C for youth athletes. In this seminar he goes in-depth into Block Zero training, taking you through not just the programme itself, but also its history and evolution.

The practical is a must-watch if you’ll be working with youth athletes. Here are some of the key concepts I took away:

  • The importance of ‘investing’ in athlete’s long term development
  • Coaching and developing the athletic position
  • Sequencing and ‘layering’ pathways of progression
  • Some cool new mobility drills

The Tier System

Blank ProgEADS 3.0 takes you deeper into the Tier System than before. House dissects and explains the essence of the system, thereby giving you everything you need to integrate these concepts into your own programmes.


  • Strengths of the Tier System over traditional linear or DUP models
  • Developing your unique, tiered exercise bank
  • Structuring and coaching the training session

Should I get it?

If you’re coaching and training athletes this is for you. If you’re just a lifter, this probably isn’t. Likewise, if you’re after pure science without the application then you should give this a miss.

  • Younger coaches

For younger coaches I think this seminar will certainly fast-track your development and help you avoid making a whole bunch of mistakes on your coaching journey. Concepts such as the R7 approach, the Tier System and Block Zero training give you tried and tested methods that are pretty hard to screw up! That being said, all of these ideas still permit you the freedom to be the individual coach you are.

  • Seasoned coaches

For the more seasoned coaches this is a great way to reflect on and critique your current practice. I think almost all coaches will have some key takeaways from the breathing/core training and R7 sections in particular.

As with any seminar, lots of ‘confirmed learnings’ that reinforce what you do. Also, lots of specific golden nuggets that will apply to your own unique situation.

How do I get it?

First off, if you’re interested, please use my affiliate link to check it out! If you buy using this link this will generate a little revenue to help me support projects like Research Review.

It’s on sale from Monday 18th July for $197 (just over £140 in proper money) until Friday 22nd July.

As always with Mike’s work, this comes with no quibble money-back guarantee so that you can make sure you get your hard-earned money’s worth.

Also, this time around the seminar qualifies for NSCA CEU credits!

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