A Review of Physical Preparation 1.01

As I’ve said once before, I very seldom do product reviews or affiliate links but when I do you can rest assured that it’s a good one! Mike Robertson’s Physical Preparation 1.01 is only the second product to get the Maloney Performance treatment.

PP101 1What is it?

Physical Preparation 1.01 is a 12 DVD series recorded at a two-day seminar Mike gave whilst in Dublin last year. Essentially, you’re sitting in on the entire seminar. You watch the lectures and demo’s, hear the questions and responses. Having the whole thing sitting in DVD form on your bookshelf isn’t bad compensation for not being there in person!

The main goals of Physical Preparation 1.01 are to enable you to do two things

  • Write superior programmes in less time
  • Coach these programmes more effectively

I think it delivers really well on both fronts.

Why is it good?

PP101 3Without giving away all the juicy stuff, here are my 5 key take-homes!

  • It provides you with a system that works

Mike provides you with his complete system for coaching athletes and lord knows I love a system. Good systems not only make you a more efficient coach, but they stop you making mistakes and leaving holes in your athletes’ programmes. Good systems also aren’t bound to specific modalities, they give you the freedom to integrate the specific ideas and approaches that work well for you.

  • The R7 System

I think the ‘R7’ approach in particular is a really clever and attractive way of looking of at programming. Mike outlines the 7 R’s that should be considered within each session and explains how you can use this template to help ensure that the mini-goals within each section of your programme are clear, concise and understood by the athlete. We can use this structure to engage emotive responses from our athletes to make each portion of the session more effective. There are a couple of R’s that I’ll definitely be paying more attention to in my programmes from now on.

  • How to coach

Po DeadliftMike not only has a phenomenal knowledge base, a quick look at his blog can tell you that, but he knows how to coach. The second day of the seminar (Discs 7-12) is all geared towards coaching athletes and you see first-hand how Mike does this. Not only do we see the ‘gold standard’ in terms of the group demonstration, but also the breakouts where the attendees are making errors and we see how Mike attempts to correct them. Every coach will have different nuances to how they coach and there’s always at least one golden nugget that will hit home with you when you see a good coach in action.

  • How to coach the ‘smaller’ things in particular

In my experience, most S&C’s do a pretty good job coaching the big lifts but are far less comfortable coaching aspects such breathing and core training. Mike walks you through some of the less sexy coaching points such as how to cue effective breathing patterns, how to reach versus how to row and maximise unilateral exercises. I’ll be taking away a number of little gems and putting these into practice straight away.

  • Embrace a moderate, pragmatic philosophy

Throughout the seminar, one thing that really struck home with me was Mike’s moderate, pragmatic approach to training. The seminar is not trying to push you into particular methods. It’s not polarising concepts as good or bad. Little things such as knowing what degree of compensation on a given exercise is acceptable are crucial to effective coaching.

What’s included?

First off, you get the 12 DVDs covering the seminar:

  • PP101 2Disc 1 – The R7 Approach to Training (60:01)
  • Disc 2 – 10 Principles of Smart Programming (49:22)
  • Disc 3 – Program Design 1.01 (Part 1) (60:01)
  • Disc 4 – Program Design 1.01 (Part 2) (57:25)
  • Disc 5 – The Intelligent Approach to Conditioning (46:22)
  • Disc 6 – Sample Programming (43:54)
  • Disc 7 – Coaching Breathing and Core Training (44:50)
  • Disc 8 – Coaching the Squat (39:49)
  • Disc 9 – Coaching the Deadlift (52:31)
  • Disc 10 – Coaching Horizontal Reaching and Rowing Exercises (38:47)
  • Disc 11 – Coaching Vertical Reaching and Rowing Exercises (39:56)
  • Disc 12 – Coaching Split-Stance and Single-Leg Exercises (31:41)

If I’ve done my maths right, that’s just under 9½ hours of content!

You’ll also get a bunch of bonuses including all the presentation slides and all the progression-regression pathways.

Should I get it?

If you’re a coach or trainer, this is a fantastic investment and a product you’ll come back to time and time again.

  • Younger coaches

Younger coaches would be able take Mike’s system and implement this into their own training programmes without feeling that they are just delivering somebody else’s work. The system will ensure that you aren’t leaving the types of gaps in your athletes’ programmes that many coaches tend to do when starting out. As you become more experienced you can start to customise this template to make it feel even more your own.

  • Seasoned coaches

For the more seasoned coaches this is a fantastic way to audit your own systems and I can pretty much guarantee that there will be a few components that you’ll integrate into your programming. Just as powerfully, Mike’s system should serve to make your programming more concise and efficient. I think we all want to spend more time coaching in the gym rather than writing in the office.

  • All coaches

For the both ends of the coaching spectrum I know that there are some exercises, progression/regression pathways and specific coaching cues that you’ll take away and be using from day one.

  • Multi-coach facilities

If you’re working in a facility alongside other coaches then it’s really imperative you develop a good system that delivers a consistent message. This gives you that structure but still allows the individual coaches freedom to coach what and how works best for them.

How do I get it?

First off, if you’re interested, please use my affiliate link to check it out! If you buy using this link this will generate a little revenue to help me support projects like Research Review.

It’s currently on sale for $247 (just over £161 in proper money) until Friday 5th June. You can also split this into two payments of just over £80. If you’re not sure if it’s for you then Mike’s also offering a six month, no quibble money-back guarantee!

I’ll leave you with some of the testimonials from the course attendees:

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