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It’s official, I’m launching my first ever e-product! Research Review is a low-cost subscription service designed to keep you up-to-date with the latest developments in sport, exercise and health science without having to spend hours of your precious time trawling through the journals yourself.

How has Research Review evolved?

I’m an unashamed research geek. I want to get as many people engaged with sports science and health related research as possible. If you follow Maloney Performance on Facebook or Twitter hopefully you’ll have seen my passion for research and for sharing new, exciting developments in our field. My biggest inspiration for Research Review came from Dr Greg Haff who writes a column called Fitness Frontlines in the NSCA’s Performance Training Journal. I first came across this back in 2009 but I know this at least goes back to at least pre-2005.

Last year I was asked by Performance magazine to write a regular column where I summarise new research articles and this is where Research Review was really born. You can see three issues of Research Review on the Performance website. The feedback we received for Research Review was fantastic, but now I want to take this further. I want to review more studies with more regularity and with more commentary. This takes us to the new incarnation of Research Review I’ll be launching next month.

Aren’t you just copying ‘Strength and Conditioning Research’?

Strength and Conditioning Research is a subscription service that provides you with summaries of exercise science research. Sound familiar?! There’s also Alan Aragon’s Research Review which takes more of a nutrition focus.  I’ve not used either service so can’t speak about the quality of the content, only that I generally like the way all three of guys use and analyse research in their articles. If you’re already subscribing to these, you probably don’t need mine.

Now, these guys aren’t the first to start summarising research (see above), they’re just the first – at least that I know of – to start charging you directly for the privilege. Both of these services will cost you $10 a month, just over £6.50. This means that over a year you’ll pay a smidge under £80. And, if you want to stay abreast of developments in exercise and nutrition then you’ll probably need them both.

Where are you positioning Research Review?

I think that the price of these services is a stumbling block to many. I’ve tried to make Research Review a minimal outlay product to get as many people actively involved in the research as possible. Research Review will launch at the price of £1.50 a month, £60 cheaper than Strength and Conditioning Research over a year.

Now, I won’t be featuring the same volume of studies as, for example, Strength and Conditioning Research but nor do I want to. Are you really going to make use of 50-odd studies each month? We’ll be aiming to summarise 12 or so new pieces of research along with a handful of classic ‘from the archives’ studies. Moreover, no field of sport, exercise and health research will be off limits for us.

Who is Research Review designed for?

Research Review is aimed at anyone with an interest in sports science research. However, there are two types of individual I think that my Research Review service really fits the bill for.

Number one is students. I understand that for current or recently graduated students money is particularly tight. I really want to engage as many young scientists with new, exciting research. Research Review aims to makes research accessible to those who want it.

Number two is ‘real-world’ practitioners. I want everyone to be striving to get better at what they do and science can play a very important role in that. New developments can help us refine our working practices and increase the potential to improve health and/or performance. We present the only studies that are most likely to have a direct impact on your work.

What do you get with Research Review?

So, let’s summarise exactly what you get with Research Review.

  • Summaries of latest and most important research articles delivered to your inbox every month
  • Summaries of classic studies ‘from the archives’
  • Help in locating full-text articles for your own collection

Why listen to me?

I have a split personality. On one side I’m an academic. I am currently a PhD candidate at the University of Bedfordshire investigating various aspects of lower limb stiffness. I lecture on sports science and allied courses, and I’m actively conducting research into this area. On the other side I’m a strength and conditioning coach. I work in both high-performance sport and youth athlete development.

I understand the research process. I know how to evaluate research. I see how research is – and is not – applied effectively in the real world. I am experienced in disseminating research to scientists, coaches, athletes and everyone in between. Research Review is what I do on a day-to-day basis, why not take advantage of it 😉

How do I subscribe?

You can subscribe to Research Review through the Maloney Performance website and via this link. Here are the key details:

  • Research Review will launch at a price of £1.50 a month.
  • This will be payable via a PayPal subscription service which will automatically debit your PayPal account every month.
  • You are free to cancel your subscription at any time.
  • Research Review volumes will be emailed in PDF format to the email address associated with your PayPal account on the 7th of each month.

If you have any further questions then please get in touch via the website.

I’m really excited about opening up Research Review and I hope that you are too! Please help spread the word and get as many people involved with it as possible.

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