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Now That’s What I Call Blog Posts – 2013

As another fine year for British sport (winter Ashes series aside) draws to a close, our minds begin to reflect on the past 12 months and every web author in the universe lists their annual ‘Best Of’ posts. Well, if … Continue reading


The ‘Record Board’ Approach

When the priority is to improve strength I take one of two approaches: Prioritise training density Prioritise maximal training load Here’s how they differ… The ‘Rep Zone’ approach I’ve written previously about the ‘Rep Zone Concept’ – this is a … Continue reading

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Measuring Stiffness – The Principles

If you missed my introduction to stiffness post then it’s worthwhile catching up with it by clicking on the link. This post will take this on a step further and will look at the principles of trying to measure and … Continue reading

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