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A Review of the Elite Athletic Development Seminar 3.0

There are very few people and few products I’m happy to affiliate for. Joe Kenn and Mike Robertson’s Elite Athletic Development 3.0 Seminar hits the mark on both counts! Hopefully, this article will help you work out whether or not … Continue reading

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The PHC Guidelines – A Critique

The Public Health Collaboration (PHC) is a fantastic idea. Rates of obesity are increasing and it’s clear that something needs to change in order to stem the tide. The problem? This has descended into a political style battle between two … Continue reading

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What Can Breakfast Do?

Last time out I highlighted the research challenging some of the commonly held myths regarding the ‘need’ to eat breakfast. To summarise, the evidence does not suggest: Eating breakfast helps weight loss Eating breakfast speeds up metabolism Skipping breakfast causes … Continue reading

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A Diet Does Not Have To Be Sustainable

With Christmas now done and dusted, it’s almost time for those inevitable New Year’s weight loss resolutions. Normally the turn of the year will bring with it a host of celebrity endorsed fad diets, but I sense that the waters … Continue reading

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Assessing Neuromuscular Fatigue

Striking a healthy balance between training and recovery is integral to a successful programme. Understanding the fatigue responses to training and/or competition can play an important role in avoiding unplanned decrements in performance and reduce the likelihood of illnesses and … Continue reading

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Do You Know What The FMS Actually Is?

The Functional Movement Screen (FMS) has, for some god-known reason, become a contentious topic in strength and conditioning. This week, social media has been full of comments in a relation to a master’s thesis published in 2014 that reported higher … Continue reading

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S&C… Fifty Shades of Grey

Ok, admittedly it’s a title designed to draw in a little extra search engine traffic on the back of a certain film. Still, there is a deeper meaning behind the moniker though… Why, as an industry, must we always see … Continue reading

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Reflections on 2014

The turn of the year is a natural reflection point, a time to look back at the accomplishments of the past twelve months and plan your attack for the next dozen to come. So, in no particular order, here are … Continue reading

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Learn From Success

‘Unexplained winning is a sin’ This is one of the quotes that most resonates with me. It’s also one of the quotes that has had the biggest influence on my coaching philosophy. We’re all brought up with idea that mistakes … Continue reading

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How do you choose which physical qualities or skills to prioritise within a training programme? The traditional approach would be to start building on the weaknesses, after all, you’re only ever as strong as you weakest link. But is this … Continue reading

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