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How to Lose 2 kg in Two Weeks

Apologies for the shameless click-bait title… still, at least it’s true! As it’s been a long-old while since my last blog, I’d thought I’d get back into the swing of things with a little case study. Approaching a couple of … Continue reading

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The PHC Guidelines – A Critique

The Public Health Collaboration (PHC) is a fantastic idea. Rates of obesity are increasing and it’s clear that something needs to change in order to stem the tide. The problem? This has descended into a political style battle between two … Continue reading

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What Can Breakfast Do?

Last time out I highlighted the research challenging some of the commonly held myths regarding the ‘need’ to eat breakfast. To summarise, the evidence does not suggest: Eating breakfast helps weight loss Eating breakfast speeds up metabolism Skipping breakfast causes … Continue reading

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Breakfast is not Paul Daniels…

I love breakfast. Granted, not quite as much as dinner, but it’s in my top two meals of the day. So with that in mind, let’s celebrate National Breakfast Week! Breakfast is not magic… As much as I do love … Continue reading

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A Diet Does Not Have To Be Sustainable

With Christmas now done and dusted, it’s almost time for those inevitable New Year’s weight loss resolutions. Normally the turn of the year will bring with it a host of celebrity endorsed fad diets, but I sense that the waters … Continue reading

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One Minute Protein Mug Cake

Given that my 30 Second Protein Cheesecake seemed to go down so well, in more ways than one, let me satisfy your sweet tooth with another über simple high-protein dessert. Now, there are plenty of mug cake recipes doing the … Continue reading

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Choc-Nut ‘Ultimate’ Porridge

On a cold, frosty morning like today there are few better ways to start the day than with a bowl of steaming hot porridge. Now the moniker ‘power porridge’ has been branded about a little too often for my liking, … Continue reading

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17 Tips For Steak Perfection

If you like steak you’ve come to the right place. Whilst it may get a pretty bad rap at times, red meat is a delicious and fantastic component of a healthy, balanced diet. Why? Here are a few of the … Continue reading

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Research Review – What Are You Missing?

Research Review is my monthly round up of the very latest sport and exercise science research. The premise is a simple one – I scour the journals for new manuscripts, pick the most eminent and then summarise them in plain … Continue reading

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Cheat’s Kedgeree

Kedgeree is a traditional British breakfast dish made from curried rice, smoked fish, boiled eggs, parsley and lemon juice. This stripped back, bare-bones version is designed with speed and simplicity in mind. Best of all, it’s made with the store … Continue reading

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