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Sean is a strength and conditioning coach and the founder of Maloney Performance. He is one of a select group of specialist coaches fully accredited by the UKSCA. Sean specialises the development of athletes that are strong and robust in both body and mind.


Sean has worked with athletes from wide ranges of levels and backgrounds; Olympic, World and Commonwealth medallists to youngsters still in pre-school. Sean has the training knowledge and personal skills to deliver results no matter what the client background.


Currently competing to a national level within the sport of powerlifting, Sean also has competitive experience in Olympic Weightlifting, strongman and sprinting.


Sean holds a PhD in Biomechanics, is an active researcher interested in all things strength/power and lectures in Strength & Conditioning at the University of Bedfordshire and Middlesex University.

Dr Sean Maloney PhD, ASCC, CSCS, CES
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