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Maloney Performance Training

No two athletes are ever identical. That’s why at Maloney Performance no two programmes will be either.

All programmes are designed to fit the specific needs and goals of each individual. Please get in touch with us to arrange a free, no-obligation consultation where we can establish whether we can meet your specific needs and decide if MP is the right choice for you.

The categories below provide an example of the type of services that are most commonly provided by Maloney Performance.

An example of the services available with Maloney Performance
S&C Coaching

Personal training that works. MPT provides programmes, assessments and sessions designed to your individual needs and goals.

Adopt ‘the athlete way’ and prepare to experience the benefits.

Maloney Performance offers elite strength and conditioning consultancy to individual athletes and sports teams.

Services can range from periodised programming and specialist coaching days to full time S&C provision.

S&C Consultancy
S&C Consultancy

Athletes and coaches alike can benefit from the small-group training workshops run by Maloney Performance.

Workshops can be fully customised to suit the group although popular topics include Olympic lifting and basic strength training techniques.

S&C Workshops