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A Primer On Plyo’s

‘Plyometric’ is probably the most abused training term in existence. Colloquially it seems to be employed to encompass any power exercise, regardless of how it’s performed. This article will recap what Plyo’s actually are and how they work. What is … Continue reading

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7 Tips For Christmas Damage Control

Christmas should be a time to savour and enjoy. A time to relax, unwind and indulge yourself a little. This two-part series will provide you with some short and sweet little titbits to help enjoy Christmas without derailing your training … Continue reading

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F is for… False Economy

George Osbourne, Chancellor of the Exchequer, will present the 2012 Budget at midday tomorrow (Wednesday), outlining the Government’s plan for the economy for the year ahead. Amidst a tough economic environment the world over, the onus of the coalition government … Continue reading

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E is for… Enthusiasm

The more you enjoy doing something, the more you will want to do something. We know all too well how important consistency is to achieving results, so anything that can help you on your way is definitely a good thing. … Continue reading

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Hamstring Training: Hip Extension

No hamstring programme would be complete with some isolated hip extension. Here’s everything you need to know about hip extension for the hamstrings. Lighter, More Reps The hamstrings may well be fast twitch but they’re not the prime mover here. … Continue reading

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Hamstring Training: Knee Flexion

Today’s instalment is about getting the most from knee flexion exercises. The standard ‘3 sets of 10’ on the leg curl machine just won’t cut it anymore… Go Heavy, Train With Density Hamstrings are fast twitch. Knee flexion is as … Continue reading

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D is for… Discipline

  As another year draws to its close, so too comes the inevitable barrage of New Year’s resolutions. As Mr. & Mrs. Average tend to gain around 2kg over the festive period, diet and exercise based resolutions tend to be … Continue reading

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Cluster Training Methods

In the first part of this double-header we introduced the concept of cluster training and why it might be useful to look at incorporating it into your training. Now for the fun part! Today I’ll talk you through some of … Continue reading

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An Introduction to Cluster Training

Cluster training involves breaking individual sets down into smaller pieces – or clusters – with a short rest period in between them. By employing repetitions in clusters we can effectively ‘cheat’ a set by performing more reps at a higher … Continue reading

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The Pallof Press

The Pallof Press a fantastic exercise for strengthening the core however it is seemingly overlooked by conventional programming. Named after physical therapist John Pallof, the exercise has been popularised in recent years by the likes of Mike Robertson, Eric Cressey and … Continue reading

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