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Foley Coaching

If you were expecting a post about Mick ‘Mankind’ Foley, then I’m sorry to disappoint. Likewise, any Bernard Foley fans will feel a little let down too… The Foley artist Foley artists are the unsung heroes of cinematography. These individuals … Continue reading

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S&C… Fifty Shades of Grey

Ok, admittedly it’s a title designed to draw in a little extra search engine traffic on the back of a certain film. Still, there is a deeper meaning behind the moniker though… Why, as an industry, must we always see … Continue reading

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10 Mistakes I’ve Made As An S&C Coach (Part Two)

Missed the first part of my 10 mistakes series? You’d better catch up here then! Today we’re moving through 5 more of the mistakes I’ve made so far during my S&C career. Assume the coach knows how important we are … Continue reading

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10 Mistakes I’ve Made As An S&C Coach (Part One)

“Experience is simply the name we give our mistakes” Oscar Wilde Mistakes are a valuable tool in all walks of life – that’s because it’s far easier to learn from your mistakes than it is to learn from your successes. … Continue reading

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