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Assessing Hip Internal Rotation

Last time we identified the importance of hip internal rotation (IR), particularly for movements requiring deep hip flexion or whole body rotation. So how do we go about determining whether or not a lack of IR could be limiting either … Continue reading

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Strongman Training for Athletes

This guest post comes courtesy of my good friend Rhys Ingram at Rhys Ingram Strength & Performance. A feature of Christmas’s in the 90’s (at least in my house), once the turkey and chocolates were running low on Boxing Day, … Continue reading

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Thou Shalt Not Let Thy Knee Travel Over Thy Toe

  One of the fitness commandments or a mistaken myth? Many personal trainers have been taught to avoid letting the knee travel over the toe like the plague but they don’t understand why. Let’s try and shed a little light … Continue reading

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The Chaos Bench Press

The Chaos Bench is a fantastic variation of the bench press that is fantastic for improving shoulder health and may help up your numbers as well. This exercise goes by a few different monikers; Suspended Weight Bench, Crazy-Bell Bench, Bamboo … Continue reading

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Barefoot Strength Training

Barefoot training seems to have been in resurgence for the last decade or so with countless coaches and trainers extolling its benefits. Even the latest ‘innovations’ in footwear technology have been designed in an attempt to mimic the natural action … Continue reading

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Conditioning Serratus Anterior

  Although the serratus anterior (SA) may be relatively small in size, in terms of importance to shoulder health its stature is quite considerable. Unfortunately, dysfunction of the SA is commonplace in a large percentage of the population and is … Continue reading

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