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Another recap of all the 140 character research summaries scheduled to be posted on my Twitter page during last month. I didn’t get round to posting them all this month (apologies, it’s been a busy August) so you’ll need to check this post out to get them all! Enough likes and shares and I’ll elaborate on any of the studies you choose.

02/08/12 – A short-term low carb, ketogenic diet can decrease body fat without detriment to strength in elite gymnasts (Paoli et al, 2012)

04/08/12 – Low physical activity and energy expenditure are predictors for frontal lobe atrophy in older populations (Yuki et al, 2012)

07/08/12 – Unilateral dominance may result in a 4-6% difference in estimated power output between the two ends of the barbell (Lake et al, 2010)

10/08/12 – Low thigh circumference associated with an increased risk of premature death (Heitmann and Frederiksen, 2009)

13/08/12 – Hyperbaric oxygen exposure does not appear to confer an acute benefit to short duration, high-intensity performance (Rozenek et al, 2007)

15/08/12 – Faster eaters may be at an increased risk of type 2 diabetes (Radzeviciene and Ostrauskas, 2012)

17/08/12 – Poor knee extension strength appears the strongest predictor of patellofemoral pain syndrome (Pappas and Wong-Tom, 2012)

18/08/12 – Artificial limbs may facilitate an increased stride frequency during sprinting (Weyland and Bundle, 2010)

20/08/12 – Attackers in a 4-4-3 formation have been observed to perform 30% more high intensity running than in a 4-4-2 or 4-5-1 (Bradley et al, 2011)

22/08/12 – B vitamin supplementation may protect against the risk of stroke (Huang et al, 2012)

24/08/12 – Posteriorly directed joint compression force is a key factor in the prevention of ACL injuries (Hashemi et al, 2011)

26/08/12 – Sand running may elicit greater physiological stress than grass running with no additional impact on recovery (Binnie et al, 2012)

28/08/12 – During a football match it is estimated that players cover an average of 1.3km running backwards (Thatcher and Batterham, 2004)

30/08/12 – Training on a clay vs hard court infers increased physiological stress and perceptual load (Reid et al, 2012)

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