Twitter Facts – July

A lovely little summary of all the Twit-stracts I posted in here during the month of July. Months and months of authors work summed up in less than 140 characters, just for you…


01/07/12 – Magnesium levels are strongly associated with IGF-1 and testosterone levels in older males (Maggio et al, 2011)

03/07/12 – 20 seconds of inter-repetition rest is as effective as 40 seconds in the preservation of power performance (Hardee et al, 2012)

05/07/12 – 32% of footballers at the 2008 Olympics experienced injury – the highest injury rate across all summer Olympic sports (Steffen et al, 2012)

07/07/12 – Short (50m) and long (200m) sprint training protocols appear to elicit comparable improvements in VO2max (Meckel et al, 2012)

09/07/12 – Sustained supplementation with aged garlic extract may reduce the severity of cold and flu symptoms (Nantz et al, 2012)

11/07/12 – FMS scores show no correlation with measures of athletic performance (Parchmann and McBride, 2011)

13/07/12 – No difference in total energy expenditure during lift-to-failure protocols with 70% and 80% 1RM (Scott et al, 2011)

15/07/12 – Clinical Pilates and general exercise appear equally as effective for improving chronic low back pain (Wajswelner et al, 2012)

18/07/12 – The reaction times of elite sprinters improve round-by-round in competition (Tonnessen et al 2012)

20/07/12 – Hypohydration does not appear to impair lower body power although may impair resistance exercise performance (Judelson et al, 2007)

23/07/12 – Tender point acupuncture may alleviate perceived DOMS (Itoh et al, 2008)

26/07/12 – Minimalist footwear may confer small improvements in running economy that are independent of running style (Perl et al, 2012)

29/07/12 – Leg stiffness well correlated (r = 0.68) to maximal running velocity (Chelley & Denis, 2001)

31/07/12 – High animal protein intake reduces fracture risk in the elderly even when Ca intake is low (Martínez-Ramírez et al, 2012)

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