Twitter Facts – June

A short and sweet little recap of the Twit-stracts I posted in June. Where else you could you possibly get such concise research summaries?

02/06/12 – Daily, weekly and monthly protocols of vitamin D3 supplementation appear to work as effectively in elderly individuals (Ish-Shalom et al, 2008)

06/06/12 – A lower dietary selenium intake is associated with an increased risk of depression (Pasco et al, 2012)

08/06/12 – A shallow or flat medial tibial plateau may increase the likelihood of non-contact ACL injury (Hashemi et al, 2010)

10/06/12 – Individuals with shoulder impingement demonstrate impaired proprioception (Machner et al, 2003)

13/06/12 – Watching aggressive videos prior to training may boost testosterone levels and increase strength performance (Cook and Crewther, 2012)

16/06/12 – Sweating appears to be an effective mechanism for the removal of heavy metals from the body (Sears et al, 2012)

19/06/12 – Bilateral strength asymmetry of the plantar flexors is associated with an increased risk of ankle sprains (Fousekis et al, 2012)

22/06/12 – Respiratory muscle training appears a viable technique to improve postural control (Obayashi et al, 2012)

24/06/12 – Dietary nitrate supplementation appears to improve movement economy (Bailey et al, 2010)

26/06/12 – Squatting with a forward lean reduces ACL load (Kulas et al, 2012)

28/06/12 – Heavy back squats have been demonstrated to acutely increase leg stiffness (Comyns et al 2007)

30/06/12 – Backward running is associated with significantly lower patellofemoral compression forces than forward running (Roos et al, 2012)

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