Twitter Facts – May

So, another month has been and gone. Here’s a recap of the Twit-stracts I posted in May. If you’re not following me on Twitter yet this is what you’re missing out on!


04/05/12 – Bench pressing with chain, as opposed to plate, resistance appears to reduce shoulder pain and discomfort (McCurdy et al, 2009)

06/05/12 – Glucosamine and chondroitin have no clinically relevant effect on perceived joint pain or joint space narrowing (Wandel et al, 2010)

08/05/12 – Antioxidant supplementation does not appear to protect against exercise-induced muscle damage (Teixeira et al, 2009)

11/05/12 – Regular physical activity is associated with a decreased prevalence of depressive and anxiety disorders (Goodwin, 2003)

13/05/12 – Cluster training may be less effective than traditional methods for developing maximal strength (Hansen et al, 2011)

17/05/12 – In vitro, there is no evidence to suggest that humid conditions are more conducive to swing (Mehta, 2005)

19/05/12 – Vitamin D appears to impact favourably on the number and size of Type II muscle fibres (Cannell et al, 2009)

21/05/12 – Ingestion of protein prior to resistance training has been shown to elevate energy expenditure at 24 hours post training (Hackney et al, 2009)

23/05/12 – Endurance athletes may carry a greater potential for occlusion training induced adaptations (Takada et al, 2012)

25/05/12 – Coaching a whole body cutting technique reduces peak valgus and femoral internal rotation moments (Dempsey et al, 2009)

27/05/12 – Pre-exhaustion techniques do not appear to increase subsequent muscle activation (Gentil et al, 2007)

29/05/12 – Squatting with bands increases force, power and velocity during the initial portion of the eccentric phase and end of the concentric phase (Israetel et al, 2010)

31/05/12 – Heavy resistance exercises may not achieve greater levels of abdominal activation than unstable calisthenics (Hamlyn et al, 2009)


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