A Review of FST for The Upper Body

FST CoverI very seldom do product reviews or affiliate links but when I do you can rest assured that it’s a good one! Mike Reinold and Eric Cressey’s Functional Stability Training for the Upper Body is just that. This is one of those fantastic ‘book-shelf’ resources that you’ll find yourself going back to as and when you need to.

It’s currently on sale for $79.95 which works out about £47 of the Queen’s Sterling. If you deal with upper body focused athletes then it’s certainly worth the investment. I mean, who better in the industry to learn about the upper body from than Eric Cressey and Mike Reinold?!

Functional Stability Training for the Upper Body gives you over 6¾ hours of Reinold and Cressey gems. It’s broken down into the following modules:

  • How Posture and Position Influence Upper Extremity Function – 58 mins
  • Understanding and Managing Joint Hypermobility – 59 mins
  • Understanding the Elbow: Functional Anatomy, Common Injuries, and Conditions – 52 mins
  • Elbow Injuries: Evaluation and Management – 63 mins
  • Assessment and Management of Thoracic Mobility Restrictions (Live Lab Demo) – 67 mins
  • Assessment and Management of Muscle Imbalances of the Shoulder and Scapula (Live Lab Demo) – 27 mins
  • Assessment and Management of Scapular Position (Live Lab Demo) – 41 mins
  • Assessment and Management of Elbow Epicondylitis (Live Lab Demo) – 40 mins

It’s a really well balanced mix of theory and practical. Whilst the theory presentations go into depth regarding the concepts they outline, they don’t assume that you automatically have a fantastic knowledge base and lead you into concepts well. Practically, it’s always great to see top practitioners talking you through the systems they employ and then watch them actually put things into action. There’s plenty of ideas here that you’ll be able to instantly put into programmes, regardless of whether or not you work with upper body athletes.

So, in summary, Functional Stability Training for the Upper Body is pretty damn good. I ask that if you’ll be investing in this little gem then please use my affiliate link to help me generate some more revenue to support projects like Research Review!

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