Now That’s What I Call Blog Posts – 2013

As another fine year for British sport (winter Ashes series aside) draws to a close, our minds begin to reflect on the past 12 months and every web author in the universe lists their annual ‘Best Of’ posts. Well, if you can’t beat them…

Here are my most popular posts from 2013 split into Training, Coaching and Science categories.

a1) Rep 2 DepthTraining

We’ll get things underway with the most popular training related blog posts:

Some things we just need to keep simple and get on with them. My ‘dynamic-static’ method is simple but brutally effective.

Plyometric is pretty abused term in S&C. Here’s a recap of what they are and how you may wish to use them.

By web traffic these were my most popular post of 2013. A look at what concentric-only training is and a few ideas how you can apply it to fit your training goals.

Two articles that approach the pursuit of strength gains in a slightly different fashion but both are great planning systems to have in the toolbox.


I’ve written much more from a coaching standpoint this year and these articles have been really well received. Here’s a pick of the best:

Some of the mistakes I’ve made and (hopefully) learnt from over the past couple of years. The hard part was getting this list down to only 10!

I don’t think that you can’t rely on formal screening procedures to pick up every chink in an athlete’s armour. In order to see how or where a movement breaks down you have to challenge the movement pattern.

Another coaching double header, this time looking at how you may, or indeed may not, want to deliver your coaching in particular circumstances.

In a similar vein to the above two-parter, this post highlights the importance of not over-coaching your athletes.

Ultrasound ImageScience

For the scientific minded amongst you, here’s a pick of my top science related posts this year:

A note on the interpretation of science, confirmation bias and why it’s important to read before you blindly reference.

Conferences in any industry tend not to be cheap. Take heed of some of these tips to squeeze as much value out of them as you can.

A double header inspired by my PhD studies which looks at the principles of stiffness and how to go about trying to quantify it. Hopefully lots more coming on this front in 2014.


MPSo there you have a collection of my most popular blogs from 2013. Thank you all for your likes, comments, shares and RT’s over the last 12 months. Please help me continue to grow the blog in 2014 by spreading the word about the content here at Maloney Performance.


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