The Ultimate Cheat Sheet for Supplements!

ExamineIf I had a penny for every product I’d been asked to endorse… For me to recommend something it has to be; a) a good product, and b) good value for money. This product from the guys at more than fits the billing on both parts.

What’s the product?

Examine’s Supplement Goals Reference Guide does exactly what says on the tin. This is an encyclopaedia of supplements and covers almost everything you could think of. The onus is on making unbiased recommendations based upon the available research. No hard sell. No hyperbole. Just the facts.

Using the guide

The guide allows you to browse through either by supplement or by health goal; this means that you can find out everything you need to in a matter of seconds. The guide covers over 300 separate supplements and over 180 health goals. There’s definitely something in this guide for everyone.

What’s the format?

For each supplement the authors provide:

  • An introduction to what the supplement is
  • An explanation of how it should be taken
  • A table showing what the research says about the supplement

For each health goal the authors provide:

  • A background to that health goal and why it’s important
  • A table showing a list of supplements that may help or hinder that health goal
  • What the research has to say about these supplements

The ultimate cheat sheet

The brilliance of this product is all in the tables. The guys at Examine have reviewed of 2000 papers and condensed them into the most simple and easy to use format imaginable; these tables can be interpreted by individuals from any background. Each table gives you:

  • The level of evidence available for research into that supplement (marked from A-D)
  • The change associated with that supplement & health goal combination (either á, â, or – )
  • The magnitude of the effect associated with that combination (3 stars to 0 stars)
  • The number of studies on that particular combination (and a link to more information on them)
  • Important notes or comments regarding that particular combination

Good science

Some nice points to note for the more scientific amongst us:

  • Examine are independent and don’t recommend any products
  • All conclusions are referenced, linked to and additional information on demons graphics, etc. is provided if you click through
  • They focus on studies conducted in humans
  • They note issues with research studies (i.e. where industry influence may be a factor)

All in all this is a brilliant product and well worth the small investment. This is something you’ll be going back to time and time again. Check it out here and use my affiliate link if it’s something you’ll be purchasing!

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