Top 10 Posts of 2012

It seems like the world and his wife have been posting their ‘Best of 2012’ posts over the last week or two. Well, time for me to jump on the bandwagon. These were the 10 most viewed posts on from the last 12 months as judged by those cheeky tax avoiding scamps at Google.

Numbers 10-4

10. The Health Benefits of Nuts (Posted April 25th 2011)

9. The Pallof Press (Posted May 10th 2011)

8. You Can’t Just Balance Push & Pull (Part Two) (Posted June 11th 2012)

7. Hip Internal Rotator Strengthening (Posted 18th October 2011)

6. Conditioning Serratus Anterior (Posted March 2nd 2011)

5. Hamstring Training: Breaking It Down (Posted January 20th 2012)

4. The Zercher Squat (Posted February 11th 2011)

The Top 3

3. Hamstring Training: Anatomy & Function (Posted January 16th 2012)

I seem to be developing something of a reputation for myself when it comes to hamstrings… Think of this article as lovely little needs analysis for a good hamstring training programme.

2. Olympic vs Powerlifting Squats (Posted 5 April 2011)

Everyone loves a squat. This article takes you through the nuances of Olympic and Powerlifting squatting styles and demonstrates instances where a certain style may be preferred.

1. A Functional Approach To Bicep Training (Part One) (Posted August 15th 2011)

So, the most popular post of the year was devoted to training the guns. Who’d have thought it? Bicep training done well is good for both mind and body, read this as a primer and you’ll be on the right path.

What conclusions can we draw from the top 10? Well, it looks like you just can’t get enough of biomechanics. Maybe I’ll have to spend 2013 boring you to tears about my PhD work…  Anyway, here’s to a happy and healthy 2013 for us all.

Lift heavy, stay strong.

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